Cheryl has composed for the moving image since the age 5 when she would play the piano while watching cartoons on mute. Today, using extensive musical composition training and serious tech chops, Cheryl creates music solutions for TV, ads, documentaries, full-length and short films and any innovative project. You have heard her music on commercials like Ziploc, Lysol, Bristol Meyers, Sonic Drive Thru, ABC Family promos, and on TV shows like FOX’s “So You Think You Can Dance“, MTV’s “Real World”, ABC’s “All My Children”, NBC Sports “Waypoint Namibia“, ABC Family’s “Jane By Design”, and PBS’s “Roadtrip Nation”. Cheryl works closely with a live band and the Eon Contemporary Orchestra when a project calls for live instrumentation. Please get in touch if you’d like to talk with Cheryl about your next creative venture.

THIS JUST IN: Cheryl was hired by Heavy Hitters to produce music for movie trailers using her band and a live orchestra!
Hear the sample here.


Known for her speed and prolificness, Cheryl demonstrates her versatility as the head composer for, for whom she creates pop culture parodies, raps, Disney-esque musicals, and web series scores (scroll down to view CollegeHumor videos). Above is Cheryl’s short-format composing reel: Mastercard, GMC, Lowes, Crest, Sonic, Avon PSA. For demonstration purposes only. Coming soon: Starbucks, Macy’s, Kohl’s, AARP.

Cheryl gets how music must strengthen characters, build tension, and amplify sentiments, and produces high-quality (Sundance-ready!) scores that suit the project. Above is her composing reel of samples from long format projects: American Faust, (full length documentary) Waypoint Namibia (which recently aired on NBC), Fashion Independent (full-length documentary), Suture (short horror film). Coming soon: Little Pink Balloon (short film), Delusions of Guinevere (Feature Film)
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